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The Custer Foundation raises a large part of its resources through the sale of its books on "The Art of Peruvian Cuisine" and the series of children's stories featuring the little bear "Osezno Febezno".

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The Art of Peruvian Cuisine Volume II
After the great success obtained with volume I, Tony Custer brings “The Art of Peruvian Cuisine Volume 2”, a new publication that pays tribute to Peru’s current fusion cuisine Peruvian gastronomy and complements in a passionately graphic way the recipes of the first book. Volume II includes more than 100 recipes which show the latest trends in Peruvian author cuisine and presents the wonderful creations of 23 of our most talented young chefs. Some iconic dishes are included as long as recipes from de Amazon region and other cities of north and southern Peru.
The Art of Peruvian Cuisine Volume I
First published in 2000 and with more than 85,000 copies sold, this exceptional book contains more than a hundred recipes of more than 20 prestigious Peruvian chefs. Still experiencing great sales success in Peru and abroad, this book is helping to spread the word about Peru's the extraordinary cuisine around the world. Only a few years ago, was little known beyond our borders. In Marisa Guiulfo's* own words, "The Art of Peruvian Cuisine" is the only book that shows Peruvian food as a visual work of art. Thanks to this, a path has been opened to the internationalization of our cuisine as an icon and a cultural patrimony, a phenomenon which Peru is contemplating with great pleasure.

"Marisa Guiulfo is a widely renowned cook and owns one of the largest catering companies in Peru"

El Osezno Febezno y el Flotamo ("Little Bear Febezno and the Flotamo")
Little Bear Febezno, besides being brave and courteous, is very caring and generous to others. When he meets Flótamo, a baby hippopotamus who is lost, he immediately offers to help him find his way home. On the way, they will both learn the importance of solidarity, of giving without discrimination, and of preparing themselves for an uncertain future.
El Osezno Febezno en Konkilandia ("Little Bear Febezno in Konkiland")
Osezno Febezno, the brave and courteous little bear, is extremely curious about the world around him, and has a very great capacity for marveling at nature. In this adventure he comes across the owner of a zoo – Mr. Saltimbanqui – who decides to kidnap this very special little bear who speaks with plants and with people. The little bear gets into scrapes helping to free many animals that had been treated badly, teaching us that we should be kind to animals and take care of them.
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El Osezno Febezno - Un Osito Valiente y Córtes ("Little Bear Febezno – A Brave and Courteous Little Bear")
Osezno Febezno is a very special little bear: brave, courteous, and very communicative. One morning he decides to go and see what there is beyond his forest. The journey turns into a great adventure; he will meet all kinds of people and discover basic things, such as "those who have a beautiful heart don't always have a beautiful face". (For children of 6 +).
El Osezno Febezno y los Niños Perdidos (“Little Bear Febezno and the Lost Children”)
Osezno Febezno, our brave, courteous, and very curious little bear, gets lost in a snowstorm and meets a couple of rabbits, a brother and sister. These are Nina and Pipo, and they came to the Forest at the Other Side of the World – where the little bear lives – escaping from a big fire in their home. The little bear offers to help them find their mommy and daddy, and they have a lot of strange adventures. This book teaches us the importance of detachment and love of our neighbor in day-to-day life and also in cases of big family losses.