The Youth Orchestra of the Americas  

Since 2004, we have been sponsoring the YOA scholarship competition in Peru. Each year, the orchestra renews its members through a process of auditions conducted in each participating country; the process is completed with the final selection in the city of Washington D.C. The winners receive a grant covering their travel expenses, and board and lodging each time they meet with the orchestra for the rehearsals and tours to cities in different parts of the world.

Peruvian musicians who have been members of the YOA:
  • Johan Aparicio Bohórquez (cello)
  • Jorge Garibay (violin)
  • Jimena Lovón Hidalgo (violin)
  • Ernesto Castro (cello)
  • Pamela Arce (cello)
  • Franco Carranza (trumpet)
  • Taide Prieto Carpio (cello)
  • Andrea Beltrán Landers (cello)
  • Enrique Victoria Obando (viola)
  • Eduardo Ríos (violin)